Crowdsourced Website Marketing

The Problem

For about two years now I’ve had a vision for a way to crowdsource website startup marketing. You start an incredible new web service and you ask for the crowd to help launch it. Wahooly had the same vision but has a horrible implementation, IMO. There is a lot of “friction” around giving up equity in your businesses in order to “buy” traction from the public. I don’t think Wahooly will succeed (they’ve been in Beta for almost two years?) due to this business model. Before I ever heard about Wahooly, though, I started a crowdsourced marketing website, MemberMob. It ended up not taking off the way I had expected it to. Clients were emailing me asking when we would start taking orders but the crowd wasn’t signing up to be our workforce. After having outside consultants take a look at the site, a problem was identified. The crowd that we were targeting, the general public, wasn’t interested in pushing random websites to their friends via social media in order to earn a few bucks. We had not predicted this problem. We thought everyone loved money. Back to the drawing board.

The Solution

After taking some time away from MemberMob I came up with a “pivot” for the crowdsourced marketing concept. The idea of crowdsourcing website launches is so strong in me that I had to find a solution. The idea is simple. Entrepreneurs need a way to socially market their new websites without paying tens of thousands of dollars just to see if the service will be popular. But who are we going to find that is willing to help them out by posting these new sites to social media? Other entrepreneurs! Other entrepreneurs, who themselves want to market their own websites. It’s basically a cyber back-scratching. The new website is Lookafox!

How It Works

Entrepreneur A starts posting Lookafox! links to their social media account. Over a few months they earn hundreds of credits through their link clickthroughs. When the time is right, Entrepreneur A creates a social media campaign on Lookafox! Entrepreneur B has just registered on Lookafox! and wants to build equity to go towards his social media campaign. He sees Entrepreneur A’s social media campaign and posts a custom tracking URL to his Twitter account. He now starts earning credits for his own social media campaign while providing traffic to Entrepreneur A’s website. And on and on.


Through Lookafox! we can all get traction for our web startups without spending a fortune. You help me, I help you, we help him, and we all win. And get rich?